Nativity Crafts for EYFS and KS1

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Bible Kids Fun Zone
has lots of free Christmas related crafts for younger children!

At the site, there are black and white biblekids1drawn documents which children can colour, cut out and make into puppets; stand-up nativity characters to colour and cut out and more! There are lots of ideas, some things are paid for and some are free but these examples may inspire teachers of the very young with craft ideas during the last few days leading up to the holiday!

Activity Village has The Nativity Story and several downloadable pages for the young, including an activity that uses toilet-roll characters to make a classroom crib scene, or a wonderful mobile which could be a group or table activity, see the picture below. They also have colouring pages to use whilst thinking about the story of Jesus’ birth. In addition, they also have a set of partly drawn colouring pages which slightly older children need to complete before they colour (See the example) – this is quite a challenging task and it brings a whole new level of skill to the typical colouring activity.

Jesus nativity

I love the idea of writing God a thank-you note for his gift to mankind  or making God a Christmas card as suggested at the Kids Corner website This site also has a huge number of other ideas and is well worth a visit! Many of these are too old for KS1 but there are some ideas that are suitable and others that are adaptable too.