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National Geographic - Geo-Educator CommunityThe National Geographic has announced its brand new community for educators: the Geo-Educator Community.

“With the rapid pace of change in the 21st century, it is more important than ever that young people understand the world around them.  However, the focus of current education reform is elsewhere—leaving educators who are committed to teaching young people about their interconnected world out in the cold. National Geographic wants to change all that and is launching the Geo-Education Initiative to improve education about our world. The first step in this initiative is building a Geo-Educator Community for educators who are committed to teaching their students about the world.” National Geographic Education

About the Geo-Educator Community

A geo-educator is any individual working to improve young peoples’ understanding of the world. The Geo-Educator Community is a space for geo-educators to share resources, collaborate on projects, learn from one another and give support. You can connect with the Geo-Educator Community through a variety of online platforms including TwitterFacebook and the secure educator site, Edmodo. Through these platforms it is easy to join discussions about connecting classrooms to peers around the world through global collaborative projects. You can also find weekly highlights of useful resources for geo-educators of all backgrounds and educational settings. Together, National Geographic and geo-educators across the country ( currently USA ) are working to make their students ready to engage successfully with their interconnected world. Join them and proclaim yourself a geo-educator today. Learn more at