National Archives – Victorian resource pack

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The National Archives have developed a new site about the History of the Victorians for use in schools. The resource pack has a very accessible video guide. Pupils are encouraged to work like a historian investigating multiple artifacts and take notes in an online notebook.  They can then save or print-out their notes.

The teacher’s notes explain how to use the resources, with downloadable detailed notes covering the following:

  • Aims
  • Methods
  • Learning objectives
  • Key Stage 2 Curriculum links
  • Sources
  • Using the resource
  • Summary of activities
  • Historical source captions and credits

The sets of resources are based on the following topics:

  • Queen Victoria
  • Childhood
  • Women
  • The Great Exhibition
  • Empire
  • Local History
  • Index of Resources

Packs of whiteboard resources are available which include images and Flash objects which can be incorporated into Smart Notebook software or Promethean Activstudio. The images are all high resolution they can be resized and used to make lesson activities.

The Victorians Website