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Multiplication.commultiplication_com is a website designed to teach children their times tables through games.

In there are lots of teacher resources:

  • Picture and Story giant teaching cards
  • Animated video
  • Class activities and games
  • Colouring pages
  • Workbook pages
  • Quizzes

The site also offers many classroom resources:

The games are great. Learners do not have to sign up or give their name, they choose a name for the duration of the game and make an avatar specifically for that game:

The children can personalise their avatar; it is very quick and easy. As soon as the game is over the avatar no longer exists.


Children can also choose a game to join;  as soon as there are four players the game starts, there are several waiting to start at any moment, this is quick moving!

Table facts are queried and the times it takes to answer them denote the speed of the racer!

There are many games, many little animations to teach table facts, and this part is all free. There are saleable resources there for teachers too!

As well as multiplication facts there are addition, subtraction and division games and other fun stuff.

For anyone new to the site the parent section helps to make their system clear. The system has been developed by the man who created it during his thirty years as a teacher.  A lot of it is based on rhyme – shoe for two and tree for three and so on, pictures and rhymes help children remember the facts. There are some YouTube videos to help get started, all the information needed is on this page. For teachers, they have recently developed and released a student management system which is free at the moment. See this information on this page. There is also a lot of maths help in these pages.