Moovly Make Animated Videos

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Moovly is an online tool that allows you to create animated videos, tutorials, explanations, presentations, infographics, video clips, display ads or e-cards.”(Moovly)

The free version of Moovly allows users to make a ten minute video completely free of charge. It is a great little tool for any creative teacher enabling them to make super teaching resources. It could also could be used to stretch gifted and talented children, who could make videos to share with others.

There is a video tutorial which is good to get started, it gives a very clear idea of how to do the simple tasks. The free version has a watermark, but I don’t think that would be a problem for use in school.

To get started create an account with your email and watch the two-minute “How to Use” video.

Then, click on “New Moov” to begin – that opens a menu where you give your animation a name and description. Choose from templates offered or create your own Moov from scratch.

Pictures, sounds, texts are all dragged onto a timeline so they need to be organised to appear either all together or one after the other. They can also be animated individually and your own voice or sound files added.

You can also upload sounds and pictures from your from your computer. Once you have completed your Moov, you can save and share it via YouTube, Facebook or email. You can also download it to your computer using mp4 (video) or swf format.

They have even provided a downloadable PDF Guide which has step by step instructions. 


My Moovly – an almost instant but absolute rubbish example:


Enjoy everyone; it is fun and I can see lots of educators and pupils enjoying it a huge amount.