Mixbook for Education

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Mixbook  is a free and easy way for pupils to work collaboratively on a class project book, year book or anything similar.

The books can be shared, and even printed if parents want to buy them.

The site says:

“Mixbook is an easy and fun way to engage students, parents—and build school spirit. Make completely customizable photo books, yearbooks, cards, and calendars with students and colleagues from any computer with Internet access—for free. With Mixbook, there are no contracts, no commitments, and no fees to create and share a project among students, faculty, and parents online. With a community of over 2 million, Mixbook is the most trusted and secure site of its kind. How will you use Mixbook?

It’s a Mixbook thing! No one else does this:

  • Free, Collaborative & Easy-to-Use
    Create a project as an individual or with a group with password-protected access to our easy-to-use online editor—share from any computer with Internet access.
  • No Contracts & No Commitments
    With Mixbook it’s free! There is no cost to use the Mixbook editor, store images, and share projects online—pay only for print copies.
  • Simply Powerful Creative Features
    Edit photos, play with type, and create special effects; add and make one-of-a-kind design elements with stickers; and customize layouts.”

It could be used to create a calendar for sale in school; schools have to submit a project to get a volume order price but it could be a good way to get parents more involved in school life.

There are several Mixbooks to see on the site:

  1. a school visiting Egypt made a book about their project  – this example does not have so much writing by children as I would hope to see but it is still interesting and you can see how parents may enjoy buying it as a keep sake.
  2. shows children’s research and chronicling the lives of famous Americans – knowing that it is going to be published is usually an inspiration itself for pupils 🙂