MIS update: Oxfordshire Pupil Tracking (OPT)

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In June, OCC announced that they were in a position to migrate OPT data from Capita SIMS into RM IntegrisG2. This has been delayed and RM Integris schools are still using OCC SIMS for OPT data entry.

OCC also announced that an OPT support service is available to all schools on SIMS or Integris, regardless of support provider. OPT is well regarded in Oxfordshire schools and if a school chooses to buy into it they will continue to receive future OPT updates and upgrades; they can also attend network meetings. On balance, 123ICT would say it’s worth the relatively small annual fee (i.e. £275 – £375). If a school chooses not to buy into the service they will still be able to continue using OPT in its current form.