MIS Update: SIMS / RM Integris Cost Comparison

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RMIntegrisCosts123ICT received the final RM Integris pricing and order form this week. For those school changing to RM Integris, the order form can be completed and returned to RM with training then arranged on a first come / first serve basis. Please contact us or Jon Smith at RM ( if you would like a copy or advice on how to complete the form. We are looking forward to our own Integris training (!) and are committed to support 123ICT schools with the transition if that is your choice.

To help you make an informed MIS decision, we have endeavoured to find 123ICT schools a sensible, viable and cost effective SIMS alternative. Following countless meetings, if your school is still considering staying with SIMS our recommendation is to host your SIMS database with Scomis.

Scomis have a proven track record of SIMS hosting in the South West of England and their pricing is in line with what you currently pay. In our opinion, Scomis’ hosted SIMS is a similar / superior service to the one you currently receive from OCCs central server, making the data migration of your SIMS data quick and easy. We feel this gives Oxfordshire schools a sensible alternative to RM Integris and avoids the potential complications involved with secondary school SIMS hosting. It also has major advantages over SIMS being hosted in your school which we consider a backward step – schools in Oxfordshire moved away from this 7 years ago.

If you are interested in finding out more about Scomis’ SIMS hosting service and related pricing then contact your 123ICT consultant or Debbie Foweraker ( There is also an opportunity to meet the Scomis team as they are in Oxfordshire on Monday 25th February at the Four Pillars Hotel in Abingdon at 4pm onwards.

RM and Scomis both base their hosting and support pricing on a per pupil basis and we have created a cost calculator for 123ICT schools so you can carry out a MIS cost comparison. Our calculator lists the SIMS licence costs that need to be ordered from Capita as well as the option of OCC support / training (costs to be confirmed) for both SIMS and RM Integris. The aim of the calculator is to allow Oxfordshire schools to ask the following simple question:

“How much will we save as a school if we switch from SIMS to RM Integris?”


In some cases the MIS decision will be straightforward. Many schools have been very impressed with what they have seen of RM Integris and will follow OCC’s recommendation. For other schools, particularly schools with academy / inspection pressures, the time scale involved makes staying with SIMS the sensible choice. Finally, there are schools where their training investment into SIMS is significant and they are reluctant to change but are tempted by savings. Our recommendation to those schools is look at the money saved over 5 years … will this cover the cost of retraining and help justify changing your MIS?

At 123ICT, we continue to work as a team to carry out research, with the aim of finding the best possible solution from specialist partners on behalf of 123ICT schools. Unlike other local IT support companies, our advice is always given impartially and we have no vested interest in your MIS decision.