MIS Transition FAQs

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123ICT have composed a list of questions (see below) that our team have picked up last week from head teachers and admin staff in the schools we work in. There are obviously other questions that schools will raise with RM / OCC directly, but it gives a flavour of the MIS concerns in Oxfordshire primary schools.

Changing from SIMS to RM Integris FAQs

  • Who does the data migration from SIMS to Integris?
  • Will there be any down time?
  • How long will data migration take?
  • Will all the OPT / Attendance data from SIMS (which has been built up over years) be retained?
  • Can schools carry on using Capita’s Schools Dinners module?
  • What happens with school to school pupil data transfer in the future if OCC schools are not on SIMS?
  • Is the Census data transfer straight forward?
  • Is there a school in Oxfordshire using Integris (i.e. a case study / pilot)?
  • What will happen with all the end of year assessment data?
  • How much are schools likely to save?
  • When does the decision need to be made?
  • When would training start?
  • Could schools test out RM Integris during March?
  • What is your recommendation for schools with Ofsted due?

Staying with SIMS FAQs

  • Will there be impartial advice from county with regards to alternative SIMS hosting (i.e approved companies)?
  • Do schools buy SIMS licences direct from Capita … is the price the same for academies?
  • If schools opt to stay with with OCC support, will the OCC support have administrator rights in the same as it does at the moment?

The main frustration is the timescale involved … in an ideal world schools would like more time to make this decision.

These FAQs have been passed onto RM and OCC and hopefully most of these will be answered by the RM-Integris / OCC Workshops starting next week and the MIS information pack due out in schools this week: