Meet Smartie the Penguin – EYFS E-safety Resources

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Meet Smartie the Penguin pictureThere is a new set of EYFS and KS1 resources available from The Early Surfers’ Zone section of the Childnet International’s Kidsmart website.

These resources are specifically created for Nursery, Reception, EYFS and KS1 aged children and in our opinion, are well worth evaluating.

The Early Surfers’ Zone is designed for the parents and carers and educators of 3-7 year olds, to help introduce young children to internet safety, in an age-appropriate, fun and engaging way. The resources are based around the character of Smartie the Penguin, who learns to be safe online by asking his family for help whenever anything happens to make him feel upset, confused or worried.

There is a lesson plan among the resources for teachers with the aim:

“Pupils will hear the story of Smartie the Penguin and answer associated questions throughout the story to help Smartie make the best decisions whilst on the internet. Pupils will learn a simple e-safety message in the form of a song, which will be repeated on several occasions.”

There are also follow-up activities, which children could do either at school or at home These including a printable E-book, questions for discussion (for parents / carers / school staff who are reading the story), and an art gallery for children to submit their posters and creative work.

More primary school e-safety resources are available via the “I work with Kids” homepage, where you can select resources for Foundation Stage and KS1 children, or alternatively Key Stage 2 children.