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matificMatific Maths is a maths resource that may be useful in school for all primary teachers.

“Matific takes a unique approach to teaching K to 6 math using hands-on and interactive mini-games, called episodes. These immersive bite-sized apps for tablets and personal computers are based on a modular and progressive spiral learning system.”(Matific Maths)

Although the above quote refers to teaching maths in the US (K to 6 math), the site is also geared to the UK National Curriculum Maths and to UK year groups.

Matific offers an extensive portfolio of hundreds of activities and worksheets that are entirely curriculum-driven and they are all available freely on-line in schools. The activities and worksheets have been developed to map with popular textbooks such as Abacus and the standard maths curriculum.

Matific Maths

As a teacher, all you have to do is sign up, it is very quick, easy and free. The videos and webinars are also very useful!

Matific Maths

It is also possible to enable home access – upgrading each student to a Matific Premium account means that pupils get access to Matific at home too. Simply purchase the required number of student licence upgrades. It costs £6.00 per year per licence.

If you’re interested get in touch at or call 07456 833322.