Free on-line maths resources and games

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Anyone wishing to set maths games for homework on the run up to the SATs may  find this set of links useful. Between these four sites there are hundreds of games in each aspect of maths for all early years and primary school ages.


The Crickweb website is home to over two hundred free interactive teaching resources for primary school teachers as well as some excellent reinforcement games and activities for pupils.

The maths teacher’s toolkit is particularly recommended. It offers as set of maths demonstration tools for use on IWBs which are ideal for whole class teaching.


Topmarks also offers a collection of links to games loved by pupils. It has been organised into subjects and age groups.


This website says:

“Parents & Teachers: Cool Math 4 Kids is a math site specially designed for what kids like and how they learn!  Maths really CAN be fun and really CAN be easy to learn. “


Maths Zone

Maths zone is a huge site that lists the games from many other sites. It is really a one stop shop for maths games! The left hand menu splits the games into different aspects, they are colour coded for easy access.

Recommended links:

Scoop activity on Symmetry

Scoop interactive games


There is a also a big collection of links for maths on the ICT Team website.