Mathletics Update

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MathleticsA reminder to anyone who is not already using Mathletics, schools can sign up for a two week free trial.

3P Learning’s Mathletics is an online maths website which is helping children love learning and improve their maths results. It’s popular in the schools we work in and we are happy to recommend it to schools.

There are thousands of maths activities aligned to the maths curriculum for pupils to choose from, as well as an extensive range of printable eBooks, SATs style challenges and maths games. Teachers can differentiate and personalise learning to meet the needs of all pupils and it is proven to increase student’s results in maths. It is claimed that if pupils use Mathletics for at least an hour a week, then you will see an improvement in results by an average of 31%.


Performance data for each student and class is recorded and stored in an online mark book, allowing teachers to personalise learning and address the needs of individuals. Mathletics is accessible 24/7, and it motivates young people to want to do more maths.




Mathletics also adds a competitive dimension to learning, allowing students to play live mental arithmetic games against other pupils from around the world in a completely safe environment. Students can complete activities and tasks at school or do them at home for homework if they have a computer.