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Mathcraft1-Mathcraft is a new web site just being built which is fun, a challenge at the higher levels and offers more to come!

The web site  provides the following information about itself:

MathCraft is the site for people who love math. A lot more fun is coming in the next few weeks.” (Mathcraft About)

So far, the site has a set of multiplication challenges that could be set for homework, extension work or use for support. It really looks as though it is going to develop into a really useful resource.


The envelop challenge is the one pictured below, a few numbers are shown in the grid and learners need to sort out a list of 1 – 9 across the top and down the side to make it all make sense.

Mathcraft 2

You could even put this sort of activity up on the whiteboard and give everyone an opportunity to work on it all at once or all together!

Why not give Mathcraft a try and take advantage of what it offers and its development?