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Game classroomMath games, learn while you play fun games‘ is the mantra of the US educational software manufacturer  Game Classroom. The company claims to be the next generation of homework help!

This maths games site does not ask users to register to access the games or learning tips, children can just click and play. However, parents do have to sign up to receive the site’s free e-newsletters, which feature activity ideas, learning tips, and homework help for kids.
Primary ages pupils can learn about maths and language topics including counting, multiplication and statistics in games, worksheets, lesson plans, and videos. Content is listed by grade level, and the games are linked to related resources.

There are all sorts of strategy games; one of which, is where the player has to trap a mouse using pillars – in the top illustration below, you can see the mouse escaping! In the second, it is almost trapped! Children would not even know they were learning strategies whilst playing this game.

mousetrap win

The site claims that it has been “Created by professional educators with a total of 200 years of teaching experience and it matches the state education standards.” (Game Classroom)

As it is designed for use in the US, it is not aligned to the UK Curriculum; however, it obviously covers much of the same objectives as our curriculum and will provide the players with very useful maths skills practise.

There are a wide range of games available on all sorts of subjects, as shown in the example illustration below:
more games

Game Classroom is certainly worth investigating for parents and teachers – it may offer some good homework ideas.

game class