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Math Gamesmathgames is an American site designed to help children develop their mathematical skills. It is aligned to their Common Core Curriculum, but has so many useful games that there will be loads of activities that teacher in this country could use as resources for their classes – either in class, or for homework.

Activities are split into year groups and are graded from: easier, through getting harder, until mastery level is reached in each exercise.


‘With analytics that mark each student’s progress, MathGames lets you track the whole class’s progress and see exactly where each learner is struggling or thriving. Our games and apps bring new meaning to the phrase “customized learning.” We teach students to master a skill instead of learning a question.

Our games change based on who’s playing: as the learner gets better, the game adapts to match the optimal level of difficulty. Your stronger students can’t coast and get bored. Your weaker students won’t fall behind and give up. All players pay attention longer and learn more as they “play” our games and apps. Their time online is never wasted.

Your students’ education is our ambition. We’re here to help teachers marry learning and the best parts of technology. The first thing children learn is how to play. With MathGames, they play to learn.”  (Math Games Website)

Math Games has many plus points:

  • it is free;
  • has over 1.5 millions questions;
  • offers multiple input options;
  • has many detailed explanations;
  • provides progress reports for students, teacher and parents;
  • has a multi-platform functionality.