Making Printable Christmas Cards

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There is always great joy to be had in making Christmas cards to take home. In addition, to the enjoyment the children will receive in creating their own card, these two template driven Christmas card sites may also be useful in teaching the young how to format a publication for printing.

The DLTK Growing Together site gives pupils lots of creative choice. The picture is the first section created ( all appear upside down, as they will on the finished card). Each stage of the card can be customised so this is a great site to encourage an understanding of publication process, purpose and audience – and maybe teach a few new ICT skills at the same time. To make a printable Christmas card the DLTK way, simply:

  • Choose a theme
  • Choose a picture
  • Choose a title
  • Write a message
  • Format the message
  • Preview
  • Print if happy


Making printable Christmas CardsCard 4










Presentation Magazine Christmas Card Maker  is another site which allows children to create and download a card. It is easier to use than the DLTK site – it provides a little scope for formatting a message, four fonts and a choice of colour; however, it does not offer the foldable format.  This one is more suitable for younger children, they simply have to choose a picture, write their title and message and sign it.

Printable Christmas Card Makercard2