Makewaves Networks for Schools

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Makeswaves Networks for SchoolsMakewaves networks is a free social learning environment for schools.  It’s regularly used by over 50,000 pupils. Through the free school website, schools can create and share videos, podcasts and blogs enabling pupils to learn about Digital Literacy and share their skills with others. Members can send birthday cards, pick up recipes, access e-safety resources and lots more.

Makewaves started in 2003 and ever since has been providing safe social networking for schools through a school blogging network. They work with schools, local authorities, charities and government departments to publish internet radio, school podcasts, videos and blogs from pupils around the world.

There are now over 130,000 blogs and videos stories already online. Teacher and students can sign up free of charge.  There is an app for the iPad enabling student and teachers to access the resources easily even on mobile devices.

Makewaves Networks for Schools

Makewaves Networks for Schools

Their Philosophy – quoted from the website:

We believe in giving children and young people a voice… and listening to them.
All content on Makewaves is made by young people. We provide a safe social network for their blogs, podcasts and videos to be heard. We work with high profile partners to create unique opportunities and connections.

We believe in giving young people a safe place to play, work and collaborate.
Makewaves provides a safe, moderated social network for children and young people to meet others and share ideas. Teachers and staff can easily support pupils and check all content. Our CRB checked staff ensure Makewaves is a positive, fun environment that encourages individual development.

We believe in enabling young people to develop the creative, social and literacy skills they need.
Digital literacy requires new skills and effective decision making in new settings. Makewaves provides rich social media experiences that put young people in charge and challenge them to develop their skills for a real, global audience.

We believe in supporting teaching staff with easy to use, relevant tools and training.
Makewaves has been designed specifically to provide social media for education. The safe social network has been designed based on our extensive experience working alongside teachers, community groups, local authorities and charities. As well as dedicated teacher tools we can supply school friendly equipment and expert CPD training.

We believe that hand held devices make learning together easier and more convenient.
Our apps make creating, connecting and sharing simple and easy to do whether you are in or outside the classroom. If you are a school that is happy for personal mobile devices to be used for learning, almost everyone has one so using them for creative positive purposes can greatly increase your media creation tools.