Make a Christmas Card in Word

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Frosty the Snowman2-websizeThese instructions can be used for children to make their own Christmas or birthday cards which can be printed on one sheet of A4 paper.

The template will help learners use their own picture or photograph to make a card.

  • The children need to open a painting program and design a Christmas picture and save it with a name they will recognise easily. When they make their Christmas card this will be the picture for the front of it. They may wish to take a digital photograph instead.
  • Download and Save the  – Christmas Card Template – document (below)

     . Once it has downloaded put it into a shared area or into the My Documents area of all the machines on which it will be used.

  • Open the downloaded card template in Word.
  • You will see an example of a Christmas card – it already has pictures and text in it, but these are just there as placeholders and need to be deleted and replaced with each pupil’s own artwork and text.
  • The final card will only be a quarter the size of the whole page. Children will need to fold the paper twice to make it. This means that the picture on the front has to be upside down so that it will be the right way up when the card is finished.
  • Start with the text on the inside of the card (the bottom of the page). Ask children to delete the text that is already there and replace it with their own verse and message.
  • Remind them that as the card will be folded: so the front section needs to be upside down.
  • Tell the children to delete the picture that is already there. Then they should click on Insert Picture / From File and find their Christmas picture. Click on it to select it and it will go into their Christmas card.  Tell the children that the picture may be too big and will be the wrong way up – this does not matter at this stage.
  • Click once on the picture to get the picture tool bar up. 


  • Click on the Text Wrap tool (the picture of a dog) and select Top and Bottom so that text goes either above or below the picture.
  • Once this is done the grab handles on the picture turn white. Show children how to resize the picture by dragging in at the corners and moving it to the place where it needs to be.
  • When the picture is approximately in position click the flip tool from the rotate button to turn it upside down.
  • Change the font and colour for the message “Happy Christmas” if required. The word art has to be turned upside down again by using the green dot which shows when you click on it. (See the green dot on the template picture below.)

Anything on the card can be deleted, altered or moved by selecting it again. When children are completely happy with the card, click on the Save icon and give it a sensible name. Print it off and fold it. Job done!

Make a Christmas Card in Word