How to Make a Calendar for 2015

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calendarHow to Make a Calendar for 2015. Making a calendar could be a fun end of term activity, resulting in a great take-home present.

Younger Children

For younger children there is a downloadable template (below). The children just need to right click on the empty picture space, select Change Picture and choose their own picture or photograph from the computer. They can also edit the Word Art title at the top of the calendar to choose a different design if they wish to.


Older Children

Older pupils may wish to make a more elaborate calendar using Word and the calendar image below. If wished, more calendar images can be created at:  Be aware however, that most of the choices are too big to be able to also add a picture to the page.

Download the calendar image below by clicking on it, right clicking on the enlarged image that appears and choose Save Picture As. Give it a suitable name and save it where the children can find it.

2015 calendar


To Create a Calendar from Scratch Using Word

  • Add a title with Word Art to the top of the page.
  • Insert their own picture or photograph under the title.
  • Insert the saved calendar picture below their own picture.

This calendar is now quite likely to be on two pages. Right click on the image to open the picture tools. Select the text wrap tool and choose square, this will enable the picture to be moved about to where they want it placed. Right click on either image to drag the size in so that they both fit comfortably on the page.

picture formatting


Now it is time to add a border if you want one.

Go to Page Layout. click on the Page Borders icon and choose what sort of border lines are required from the menu.



Finally, once the calendar is finished, save it. It is best either printed on paper and laminated, or printed on to card for durability.