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A screen shot of the program

Using the MailVU service is very easy  – just Click, Record, and Send it to a friend by e-mail. The video recordings that you make can be up to 10 minutes long.You can get a short link to the video and post on your school or class blog. The videos will play on all computers, browsers, most new smartphones and tablets (including the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch).

It is very easy to use and can really add interest to blog posts and school web pages. Try it out – the free version is adequate for school use.



Ideas for use:


Exchange messages with schools in other countries in a geography study

Pen pals – keep in touch with pen pals by sending video messages instead of written messages – lots less checking of non-classroom work for the teacher, a confidence builder for poor writers!

Learning languages – Children describe their pet, home, a friend, their favourite book, poem or film

Sharing class news , personal news, school news on the school newsletter

Contribute a chapter to a story

Share favourite poems with another class

Retell a story, fairy tale – the video could be assessment evidence

Ask pupils to explain a scientific experiment – an assessment exercise

Please add your ideas in the comments!