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Los about chocolateChildren in the UK might know lots about chocolate; they know what chocolate is and may enjoy eating it – but many do not realise it is from a plant which grows on trees. The following links will help toward planning a whole cross curricular topic about chocolate.

Cadbury Chocolate – There is lots about chocolate including the Story of chocolate and also many exciting  Chocolate recipes

Zunal – this site has a Chocolate Challenge in the form of a webquest for year 5 and 6

They also have the History of Chocolate in another  webquest for years 5 and 6

There is a chocolate song which you may enjoy and here is a version of it on YouTube:


This Primary School’s “The Story of Chocolate” is easy reading for primary aged pupils!

This You Tube melting chocolate video presents a science experiment, comparing the heat conducting properties of aluminium and copper:

Owlcation Science Fair Project – Which chocolate melts faster? This has lots of ideas for chocolate experiments and also has several videos to help demonstrate what was achieved.

Science Kids – This site also has a different melting chocolate experiment.

Wilderness Classroom – This site provides information about the cacao tree: “Have you ever wondered where chocolate from? Did you know that the chocolate in the candy bars that you buy at the grocery store actually come from a tree in the middle of the rainforest?”

You Tube video about the Cacao tree:

The Victorians and Chocolate – The Victorians introduced the first Easter Egg in about 1873 but did not include chocolate in their Christmas festivities unlike now where it plays a huge role in Christmas festivities including being on the tress, in Christmas Stockings, wrapped in presents under the tree and being bought to eat over he holiday.

The History of Advent Calendars

Fairtrade for Cocoa Growers

Lots about chocolate