Little Bird Tales

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Little Bird TalesLittle Bird Tales is a storytelling and e-learning tool that can be implemented in hundreds of ways. It is great for children of all ages, and gives a story telling voice to those too young or who can’t read and write!

Little Bird Tales is a great story telling, e-book making website and a free app designed to really nurture children’s creativity. A school can sign up freely and create tales which children can share with each other in a school, or with other schools.

Click here to see many lovely examples made by children of all ages such as these two, linked below – the first made by a young child and the second from an older child: cover image cover image


When using the app or the website, children can make their own drawings and upload photos or other artwork, such as scans of their paintings. They can also record their voice online to create their own stories.

The site can be used freely and there are a few free lesson plans to try out:

Little Bird Tales

It is certainly worth trying to see if classes would like to make an account or whether to share the information with parents in order to see if they wish to purchase a subscription for their family. It is mainly subscription based; however, once the child’s account has been created children can then log on from anywhere to do the work that has been set for them.

Little Bird Lessons has opened up new possibilities in the classroom, giving educators and students a truly interactive experience with options like listening to verbal instructions, voice recording/verbal response, drawing, importing images, and writing using a keyboard. With hundreds of ready-made lessons offered, teachers will have more time to focus on teaching.” (Little Bird Tales Website)

For a step by step guide to getting started follow this link.