Literacy from Scratch Project

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Scratch - New and onlineLiteracy from Scratch is a web site that has been put together to demonstrate how teachers are using Scratch to develop interactive activities in any subject.

The Literacy from Scratch project is a response to the United Kingdom (UK) government’s initiative to develop computer programming in both primary and secondary schools.

The project involved the reworking of Primary and Secondary Initial Teacher Training (ITT) programmes at Brunel University. Postgraduate students were taught how to use the MIT Scratch programming language to create sustained and animated narrative work. This work has also been developed by a whole year group (187 year 8 pupils) at a London secondary school and some of the activities developed can be seen on the Literacy from Scratch website.

In addition, there are also activities such as solving maths problems or learning about history / science. Activities which can be interactive and played on the whiteboard; all you need is to download Scratch to access them.

They suggest that Scratch is the new Powerpoint … with the new curriculum proposals it may well be very soon.

Literacy from Scratch


Literacy from Scratch

Literacy from Scratch


To learn more visit the Literacy from Scratch page.