Literacy from Scratch

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scratchLiteracy from Scratch is a response to the UK government’s initiative to develop computer programming skills in Primary School. It is a  joint project between schools in London and in Prague. The project was developed by a group of postgraduate students from those cities – aided further by schools in the UK and the Czech Republic, as the students rose to this challenge. The site offers masses of resources: teaching videos, good ideas, cross curricular activities, completed examples and all sorts of projects to investigate further – maybe some examples that you can actually use in your lessons. This site also reports back on projects already created by the post graduate students and are ready for use in class – see the two examples linked below :

Ellie the Elephant

Literacy From Scratch“I have created an interactive story using Scratch aimed at children in Key Stage 1, year one. My project is a story that involves the children answering questions based on Maths. The story revolves around Ellie the Elephant (Sprite 1), who wants to travel around the world but she needs some help. During her journey she meets another elephant called Timmy (Sprite 10), they decide to continue travelling together.”

The Human Body

Scratch Body-1“My project addresses part of the Sc2 primary science curriculum “Life Processes and Living things”. Lily needs help with her homework to label a human body. Age range of audience: KS1-year 2. The vocabulary may not be accessible to children of a younger age; however the vocabulary could be adapted for all abilities. This could also be used as an example for children in KS2 for them to use to develop a Scratch file for KS1.”


The resources are shared and able to be downloaded. There is also a commentary available about: what worked, what were the problems, how could they be overcome and how the resource could be used in the classroom? For anyone still wondering about computing and coding in the classroom, it is worth investigating. There are some lovely projects being uploaded which can be shared in the classroom.