Learning about Moles

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Moles are interesting, infuriating small mammals that children will rarely have the opportunity to see; they are particularly busy at this time of year, tunnelling and leaving mole hills everywhere whilst seeking a mate.

DK Findout!  – This site has a good picture of the European mole, showing this strong front feet used for tunneling. The information here is easy, suitable for young learners.

The ARKIVE website – has a good set of photographs and  several time lapse videos – one with a mole coming out of the top of his molehill and looking around. Some are of a mole underground in his tunnels. There are eight short videos to see.

The BBC – has an archived page about Moles with a great picture and a video created for Springwatch. This shows mole hills, a mole with her pups and a  video of one tunnelling. This video has not been created for children, the language is fairly sophisticated but it is such a good video that I would use it for KS2 as they will understand it. It also has information and pictures in the Burrowers Section of this site.

Live Science – has a web page with facts about moles – this page is suitable for older children.

Easy Science for kids – gives a simple description of moles with some facts and images. It also has a brilliant video clip to share with older children. It is all about the Star Nosed Mole which, of course is not native to this country ( found in Canada and the US). It is fascinating footage though!

Activity Village – has a great picture of a mole looking out of the top of a mole hill. This site makes reference to The Wind in the Willows and shares an excerpt from the first chapter of the book.

Learning about Moles