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The Last Pass siteIf you find it hard to keep track of  all the passwords, this may be  a really useful tool for you.

“LastPass is easy, secure password and data management. Not only is the LastPass Password Manager free, it saves you time while keeping you safe. While our minds struggle to keep track of an increasingly complex variety of online accounts, LastPass allows you to effortlessly save, organize, and access your login data.

123ICT’s Carol Rainbow reports “I have used Last Pass for several years. You will need to remember your main key password and keep it secure. Last Pass vault will remember all of your other passwords and will automatically enter them everywhere you go, on any computer, and log into Last Pass. I do not allow it to remember my bank password, but everything else – the hundreds of sites that I use during the year, they are all logged in as soon as I go to the page without me even trying to remember what it may have been. Also as a bonus, it removes all of your insecure passwords from the device that you are using once they are safely stored in your vault!”

To visit the site

The User Manual

The Support Page

You can find more help, support, guidance, testimonials and screencasts on the LastPass site.

It is available as an app to use on most mobile devices and can be used on most internet browsers.