Kiddle the Children’s Search Engine

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Kiddle1- Kiddle Logothe children’s search engine, may be useful in schools as it is governed by the Google Safe Search settings with many filtered keywords and blocked sites.

The search engine does not appear to block advertising sadly, but still may be an improvement to other search engines for children’s use.

The ways that Kiddle claims to be good for children are:

1) Safe search: all of the sites which arrive in the results have to satisfy family friendly requirements.
2) The results are orientated towards children: The top three results are specially written for children, (if there are any sites matching the search criteria) followed by easier to understand sites chosen by the Kiddle editors and finally the harder to understand sites filtered by Google’s Safe surf engine bring up the rear.
2) Big thumbnails: Kiddle uses slightly larger thumbnails making it easier for children to find what they are looking for.
3) Kiddle uses a large Arial font, though if schools use Chrome it is very easy to adjust the way a page appears to make it as big as necessary.
4) Privacy: Kiddle does not collect any personally identifiable information.

For schools and teachers, Kiddle provides the ability to request the blocking of keywords and sites.

Site blocking form:

Kiddle the Children's Search Engine

Trying an xxx search:
Kiddle the Children's Search Engine

A search using the term summer:

Kiddle the Children's Search Engine

Video search using the term summer:

Kiddle the Children's Search Engine

When all is said and done, Kiddle may be a useful search engine for children; there is unfortunately still advertising and the sites do not appear to be particularly educational; however, it does not claim to be educational. On the positive side, it does seem to have a fairly robust built in filter for things not child friendly!