Key Stage 2 Life Processes and Living Things

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Key Stage 2 Life Processes and Living ThingsThis set of –  Key Stage 2 Life Processes and Living Things – web links have been brought together to try to make access easier for teachers; a simple explanation of what each site offers is provided with each link. If you have a good site to add, please send it to us to be included.

Crickweb has a life cycle of a plant exercise – starts with a drag and drop exercise about flowering plants, follows on with the anatomy of a flower and finishes with seed dispersal.

There is a whole revision pack available from the BGfL : The Life Cycle of Plants

There is a BBC Bitesize activity showing the aging process in the life cycle of humans – this game will appeal to many KS2 children.

BBC Lesson Plan on Life Cycles – lots of extra resources to be printed. It covers the life cycle of a dandelion.

Year 5  Life Cycle Lesson Plans from

A Medium Term Plan for Year 5 Lifecycles from the TES

The Darwin Trust offer a KS2 Teaching Pack  on life cycles

A collection of activities based on Life processes can be found at Primary Resources including presentations and pictures.

 The Life Cycle of a Frog – involves reading through the development with clear photographs of the stages.

Key Stage 2 Life Processes and Living ThingsA useful exercise to follow the Life Cycle of a Frog research site above is this drag and drop activity.


IWB Resources


Kidport Reference library: The Food Chain

Fish Food Chains

Food Chains / Food Webs

A great page about adaptation – from Woodland School

Sorting and Keys – from Woodlands School

BBC Bitesize Foodchains – Help Deadly 60’s Steve find the food chain’s deadliest predator.

BBC Science Clips Interdependence and Adaptation