Key Stage 1 Life and Living Processes

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Life Processes and Living thingsThese – Key Stage 1, Life and Living Processes – web links have been collated on this page to assist teachers in their planning. If you have a good site to add please let us know.

The BBC have a lovely selection of KS1 Life Cycle material including: caterpillars, seasons, insects and dandelions. There are also some films clips put together for discussion.

The TES has a whole collection of printable pictures and labels available here.

Hams Hall Pond covers frogs and butterflies – a good resource, but it does involve some reading. However, it could be a great resource for the IWB where shared reading can take place.

Primary Resources has a whole collection of activities based on Life processes

At the EverySchool website, there is an electronic book about the life cycle of a butterfly, and an interactive exercise on a hatching chick. There are also drag and drop activities on the life of a frog and the sunflower life cycle. You will also find a video about caterpillars changing to butterflies and a set of photographs recording the caterpillar changes. In addition, the site hosts many more related interactive activities and at least one of them is fully printable.

Key stage 1 Life CyclesThis life cycle of a butterfly activity is a drag and drop exercise; once complete, it can be printed on to the top of an A4 piece of paper allowing space below for children to add their writing.




 – a site to learn the characteristics of insects.

 – several plant drag and drop activities.

There are many printables on this First School Years page , covering much of the KS1 science with word searches, labelling and crosswords.

Primary Resources has a whole collection of activities based on Life processes

Finally, many excellent Whiteboard Resources can be found at