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JudaismJudaism: A whole set of Jewish web links to provide easy access to games and many other resources for teachers in their RE planning and for children, either at home or in the classroom. If you have some great links that you would like to see on this page, please send them to us so that we may include them!

The Jewish Connection   – This site includes video clips and pages where Jewish people explain aspects of their faith and worship.
The Ten Commandments  – The Ten Commandments. There is also a ‘Ten Commandments’ activity for children to try.
The Story of Moses  – The illustrated story of Moses and the flight of the Hebrews from Egypt which can be used either for religious education in relation to Judaism and Christianity, or in the literacy hour.
The Story of Joseph  – An illustrated story of Joseph, which is common to both Christianity and Judaism which can be used in the Literacy Hour or in religious education lessons.
Jewish naming ceremony
Set of pictures for Judaism
Synagogue  – Photographs and text about the Jewish synagogue in Swansea, Wales.
Web cam on the Western wall  –  A live web cam watching the sacred place called The Western wall which is also known as the wailing wall. The wailing wall is a remnant of the ancient wall of the Temple courtyard, a sacred site of Jewish prayer & pilgrimage. For centuries Jews have poured their hearts out to God here, often tears and wailing, especially in bad times could be witnessed thus its alias, the Wailing Wall.
Resources for Judaism – From Primary Resources
The Tallit and Tefillin – What are they and how are they worn?
Morning Prayer at a Synagogue

Facts about Judaism on You Tube: