Jacqueline Wilson Webcast and Teaching Resources!

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Christmas SpecialThe Jacqueline Wilson Webcast and Teaching Resources are coming soon! Friday June 9 at 2 pm. She will be talking about her book, set in WW11, called Wave Me Goodbye.

The webcast will be hosted by CBBC’s Katie Thistleton, and it will teach pupils watching all about what life was like for child evacuees like Shirley during World War 2.  Shirley, in the book, is sent away to live in the country with nothing but a tiny suitcase, just as the Second World War begins. Some of the children’s grandparents may have experienced this but it is receding further and further into history so first hand experiences are getting harder to come by. This is an interesting way to learn about it.

“Here are some show highlights you can look forward to:

  • Jacqueline Wilson on life for child evacuees
  • A tour of the Imperial War Museum
  • A draw-along with Nick Sharratt
  • A reading from Wave Me Goodbye
  • Writing tips”

If you have not already signed up, follow the link above to do so. Also you can download

For any class working on a World War 2 Project this would be an ideal opportunity to add a little excitement to the topic.

Jacqueline Wilson Webcast and Teaching Resources!