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j2e or Just2easy is a whole curriculum tool set for the primary school. The About Us section of their website reads:

“Just2easy is a company that is passionate about bringing the best technology into education in a way that is easy yet powerful. Our software designers have been creating educational software since 1994. They are responsible for some of the UK’s most popular educational software, winning many BETT awards, including j2webby, J2e5, and j2code. We produce flexible software tools that allow children to be truly creative whilst they learn.

Our software is designed to enable teachers to focus on teaching and learning.  All Just2easy products make anytime anywhere learning a reality. FREE home access is given as part of a school licence, giving teachers the ability to set homework for children online. The team at Just2easy are friendly and knowledgeable. We pride ourselves on the excellent relationships we have with our schools. It is great to hear from teachers using our products in the classroom. Our designers often incorporate teachers’ ideas to improve our software and we greatly value this input.” (Just2easy)

I spent much of the day yesterday looking at their offerings and trying out many of the very easy to use programs:



As you can see, there is a range of coding languages and a full set of lesson plans for each year group.

There is also a pictogram, branching database and a full multi-user data base in with the data handling programs:



They also have painting, animation and word processing programs, help for web page making, blogging … and lots more!


One program I really liked was a tables competition – one could play against children from all around the world. My single game rendered me in place 10375; it may take a while to fight your way to the top!


There is a 30 day free trial of J2e and it is well worth looking at.