List of Famous Inventors

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Encyclopedia list of inventorsKidsnet Australia – offers an alphabetical list of inventors.  Studying inventors is a fascinating project for school, especially when it is linked to Design and Technology. This site is free to use and is a good starting point for finding out about famous inventors, or inventions. It is alphabetically indexed and each letter offers a list of inventors with their name starting with the appropriate letter.

Encyclopedia list of inventors

Clicking on the name will open a small text page giving some basic information about the inventor.

This site is probably best for upper KS2 as there is quite a lot of reading required – describing the inventor, saying what they invented and how it fitted into history. It is stripped down to key information in straightforward language; unfortunately, it is not illustrated.

Encyclopedia list of inventors

For pupils who are competent readers, it is a very comprehensive list and the best I could find for children.

Included in this list are some very well known people but it is really interesting to look at the items, there are some inventions that you may not really expect to see:

  • Steel ribbed umbrella
  • Motion Picture Camera
  • Submarine
  • Rubber Band
  • Lawnmower

and more – a fascinating list!

Pinterest – has a collection of ideas for invention that can be made by children. This site is only suitable for teachers to use for inspiration.