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invaders2These links are written in support of the National Curriculum, KS2, Programme of Study for History: Britain’s settlement by Anglo-Saxons and Scots, better known as the period of Invaders and Settlers:

Examples (non-statutory) – This could include:

Roman Withdrawal from Britain in c. AD 410

  1. BBC Primary History – The Romans
  2. History learning site – The Romans in Britain
  3. Primary Homework Help – The Romans
  4. Roman Britain
  5. Early British Kingdoms – The Romans

The Fall of the Western Roman Empire

Scots Invasions from Ireland to North Britain (now Scotland)

Anglo-Saxon Invasions, Settlements and Kingdoms: Place Names and Village Life, Art and Culture, Laws and Justice

 Christian Conversion – Canterbury, Iona and Lindisfarne

The Viking and Anglo-Saxon Struggle for the Kingdom of England to the Time of Edward the Confessor

Examples (non-statutory) – This could include:

 Viking Raids and Invasion

  • The Vikings – From Homework Help.
  • BBC Viking Quest Simulation –
    Travel back in time to 793 AD build a ship, cross the seas, loot a monastery and return home safely and claim a prize!
  • Explore a Viking Village (Video)
    In these film clips of a 1:30 scale model, “walk” down the main street and “boat” through the harbor of Birka, a medieval Viking village in Sweden.
  • Who Were the Vikings?
    Dr. William Fitzhugh, curator of a new Viking exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution, expands on new theories about the Norsemen.
  • Secrets of Norse Ships
    Find out what it was about the longships and other Viking vessels that helped their makers get around so successfully.
  • The Viking Diaspora
    This clickable map illustrates the extraordinary breadth of the Norse diaspora.
  • Write Your Name in Runes
    See your name spelled in runes, learn the meaning of each of the letters in the Viking alphabet, and delve into the hoary history of the Norse writing system.

Resistance by Alfred the Great and Athelstan, First King of England

Further Viking Invasions and Danegeld

  • Danelaw – From Primary Homework Help.

Edward the Confessor and his Death in 1066