Introducing Politics

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Introducing politicsPolitics is going to be a big part of the news over the next  few weeks! As there is an unexpected general election coming up, it is a good opportunity to teach children a little about what a general election is and why we have one.

Finding out about Parliament: Voting is a pack designed for 5 – 11 year old children introducing them to the subject. It has a poster pack, a story and a teacher’s resource:

“The Find out about Parliament: Voting pack can be used in English, PSHE, Citizenship and SMSC.

It introduces pupils to the concepts of:

  • fairness – how we make decisions in a group
  • finding out and researching different options
  • taking part and making decisions
  • respecting the decisions of the group”(Parliament Website)

Elections and Voting is a Whiteboard resource, it has useful bits for upper KS2 but would be rather difficult for younger children.

The Citizenship Foundation has a few resources under the heading Teaching Political Literacy and it uses stories to raise questions:

The “A Friend for Farouk”  story, suitable for Key Stages 1 & 2 raises questions about peoples’ rights to be treated with care and respect especially considering cultural or racial differences. This Story is taken from You, Me, Us!, a primary resource for citizenship.

All at Sea is a story designed for Key Stage 2 about power, authority, democracy and justice.

“The story is fun and uses humour a good deal, but this does not detract from its ability to present a whole series of challenging issues for the children to discuss.”(Citizenship Foundation)


There are resources to teach children about the House of Commons for Key Stage 1  and a video introduction to Parliament for Key Stage 2.