Introducing the Classkick App for iPads

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1-classkickIntroducing the Classkick App for iPads. Classkick is a free App that allows teachers to prepare and distribute work to their students, have an overview of how the students are working and provide feedback.

As students work on assignments –  created by their teacher – using their iPads,  the teacher can see every student’s work progressing all at once.

Students can privately raise their hand for help and teachers give individual student feedback as it is needed. The App does much more and could be really useful to classes where iPads are in use. A bonus is that it is free!


Introducing the Classkick App


With Classkick, students work on assignments on their iPad and get help from teachers and peers. Teachers create assignments, see all their students’ work in real-time, and give LOTS of student feedback. Best of all, students can help each other anonymously.” Quoted from the iStore where the App is freely available.

There are also many more images at the iStore showing more of what the app can offer. The following short video gives a great overview of what the App can do for you.


Classkick Website

The Classkick website ( )  also provides lots of information and advice on using the App:

Help Guides

  • Teacher guide
  • Student guide
  • Quick start guide
  • Flyer
  • Centres with Classkick
  • Presentation

Video Tutorials

Welcome to Classkick: Teachers – how to use Classkick and why it is useful for teachers

Welcome to Classkick: Students – how to use Classkick and why it is useful for learners

Prep an Assignment – how to prepare an assignment for students

View Student Work – how to view student work and give feedback

Add a Worksheet or Image – how to add an image to a question