International Recycling Day

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Recycling DayWednesday 17th May is International Recycling Day, and what better time to think about the theme to  reduce, reuse and recycle!

Although the origin of this celebration is not clear, it has become a custom of which take advantage many organizations or environmental and conservationists groups in several countries of the world to conduct campaigns and informative or educational activities on the theme of recycling.” ( Global Calendar)

There are some great ideas for involving schools in this Recycling Guide, some of the ideas are for teachers and some are for children but it also gives ideas about whole-school involvement.

There are twenty-three fun primary ideas for recycling in school lessons available here: Activities For Schools “  All activities have been designed to follow a recycling or rubbish theme. Where possible, we have tried to indicate which subjects each activity covers. However, these can be customised for your own needs. The key below indicates which symbol applies to which subject:” (Recycle More UK)

Kids fun Facts has a whole section on Recycling for Kids with fifteen “fun facts” though some of them are not fun, but very serious!

Thinking about clothes specifically – as children grow up and before they start spending all of their pocket money on keeping up with the fashions – it is worth visiting Bag 2 School and  discussing the issues raised in the article provided. It is called Some Recycling Facts to Ponder Over and addresses how much energy could be saved by taking more care over our habits around clothing, with some pretty amazing facts. These people will come and do a school assembly too!

Recycling Day