Interactive Maths and Numeracy

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Interactive Maths and NumeracyMany moons ago there were lots of free interactive maths games created and shared by the DfEE which were to be used to teach whole classes on the interactive whiteboards. At the time they were innovative and great, but sadly time moves on and they look very old now. TeachIt Primary have created a very similar. but much prettier and more up to date set of similar resources. These are a paid for resource with only the bubble game (Times Table Practise) being free. Even the bubble game though is worth downloading if schools do not want to pay for them all.

Interactive Maths and Numeracy

The Bubble Game

The bubbles game is an interactive mental maths game based on times tables. Bubbles can show numbers up to 999 and x20. If children touch the bubbles showing the right multiple they get points but if the touch the wrong bubbles they lose points. It can be used on the IWB or on separate computers in a suite. The time allowed for the game can be changed from one minute upwards.

Below are some of the 28 other interactive maths – number work games that can be accessed as a subscriber to Teachit Primary – Maths (click on the image to see them in detail on-line).

Interactive Maths and Numeracy