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InsectsInsects are all around us and children are used to seeing them long before they can name them, or understand what they are and do. Insects have various habitats that are all around us and they are the most diverse group of animals on land. There are more species of insects than all other land animals put together, making up about 90% of the World’s animal life.

BugFacts – This site has an insect activity sheet, a quiz and some simple information about insects and arthropods. They also have a great Bug Identifier Chart (link below), which can be downloaded. For any teachers enjoying computers it would be easy to create a tree, or branching, program for the children to investigate, using the data from this chart. They also provide a Basic Key to Land Invertebrates (link below) to help animal identification – download it to computers, or tablets and the children can use it on a minibeast hunt.


Biokids – This site has some lovely pictures, particularly of butterflies and moths as well as information and sounds.

MobileQR Codes – Provides a really useful set of links which are classified and ordered, covering many types of insect, complete with information and pictures. There is the life cycle or biology of most of the species along with their relationship with other things and safety features. It depends on the creature chosen, but there are a lot of useful links.

Iowa State Entomology – Provides links to a set of lesson plans which may inspire teachers and are freely available to download.

 Country File – This site has gathered what they call the best insect websites, these are not particularly for children but do have wonderful photographs. Teachers may find useful resources here.