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insafeWith the children returning to school after the summer holidays, it is a great time to go over the rules of e-safety. It is very important  to remind them of e-safety at the beginning of the school year, before they become involved in Internet research for their topics.

The Insafe back to school newsletter has lots of interesting information for schools. It was released for September and has lots of resources that are freely downloadable.

From the Insafe newsletter:

“We’ll be bringing you a week of ‘countdown gifts’, followed by the launch of the full resource on Monday 8 September 2014. The ‘gifts’ will include a special edition of the Insafe eSafety bulletin, new tip sheets and decision trees on online safetyissues, news of the forthcoming ‘Games in School’ online course, and new reources from our industry partners – find out more at” (Insafe Newsletter)

Insafe provide a list of useful e-safety resources:

In addition to these resources, there is much more content you will find useful on their website too!

INSAFE back to school newsletter