Information Communication Technology History

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Information Communication Technology History

Information Communication Technology history is a very new subject but one that will be very interesting to children and it could make a great project subject.

ScienceKids – This site provides a good set of pages related to technology facts. We all use it but how many of us know even the basic facts about the technology we use daily?

Computer Facts – from Science Kids – give us interesting facts to study.  “Enjoy some great computer facts and interesting information about these amazing devices which play such an important role in our modern day lives. Learn about parts of the computer such as the RAM, ROM and CPU as well as fun info about how we use computers to make our lives easier and more enjoyable.” (ScienceKids Website)

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Video Games Facts – “Learn about the history of gaming and enjoy a wide range of fun video game facts. Whether you’re into Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo consoles you’ll find information relating to all of the above and more. Get gaming industry facts, read about the history of gaming, learn what type of game genres are popular and much more.”(ScienceKids Website)

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Easy Science for Kids – This site also offers a page about Computers: History, Components and Future

Time Toast – This site hosts an interesting timeline – all about information communication technology history which children will certainly love exploring!

Information Communication Technology History

This is a fascinating example of technology history. It is a trial model of a part of the Analytical Engine, built by Babbage, as displayed at the Science Museum (London).