Ideas to get to know your new class

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There is a wonderful collection of task possibilities for meeting a new class which has been added to by many teachers. It has some great ideas to inspire you when meeting your  new class during the next week or two:

Interesting ways to get to know your class

Below is a few ideas that I particularly like :

  • Get them to make a passport – add a drawing or photograph of themselves, name and describe pets, likes, dislikes, write any family information they like to share, write their favourite subject, things they hate…
  • Make an All About Me poster focussing on school
  • Choose 5 items which are the most important things in your life, draw them and write a sentence about each.
  • Make a family flag.
  • Make a poster saying what they would most like to learn in the coming year and illustrate it.
  • Tell everyone in the class about their hobby – this could be in a wiki or a blog and they could read each other’s at the end of the session!
  • Get each of them to write a letter to you telling you who they are – you could send them all a letter too!

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