Literacy ideas for using Samorost 2

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Samorost 2In February 2012, our post on using Samorost to inspire writing proved particularly popular with teachers.

For teachers who introduced Samorost 1 to their pupils, below are some ideas to introduce the first chapter of Samorost 2. The first chapter is made up of three levels and all the ideas below relate to one of the levels.

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Ten literacy activities for use in class

  1. Reading for understanding: Mix up the Samorost 2 walk through text for each level and get students to play the game in groups or pairs by sorting out the right order.
  2. Speaking and listening: There is a demonstration of level 1 on You Tube. Ask a pupil to watch the video and then ask them to relay how to play the game to a second pupil who cannot see the screen. Then repeat, by asking the second of the pair to relate to the first how to play the level 2.
  3. Writing: Once pupils know the initial two levels, ask pupils to finish writing the story of the dog rescue either individually or in pairs.
  4. Discussion: Ask pupils to play and finish the Samorost 2 chapter (Click the link if a walk though video is needed). Discuss in pairs or in small groups what happened – did it meet their expectations?
  5. Collaboration, discussion, speaking, assessment: Show pupils the Samorost 2 video clips (above) but switch the sound off and ask students to work in groups to add a narration to the video. The three levels offer three different group tasks; these could be assessed by the whole group at the end of the week against criteria suggested by all at the start of the task.
  6. Collaborative writing: In pairs, plan a way for the gnome to get home and present it as a numbered list in the form of walk through instructions.
  7. Individual writing: As the gnome, write a letter home explaining what has happened; describe where you are and what life is like.
  8. Collaboration, writing, discussion, assessment: Use the Samorost2 Image Bank (download the zip file) to make a presentation about the machinery / nature / art work in Samorost 2. Present to the rest of the group and assess the presentation on the criteria agreed at the start.
  9. Creating an explanation text: Choose a piece of machinery used in Samorost 2 and draw an annotated diagram explaining how it works. Design a better machine for the job and draw an annotated diagram explaining how that works and why it is better than the original.
  10. Poetry: Write a rhyme, acrostic, poem, limerick or verse about the gnome and his dog being kidnapped.

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