ICT in Primary Education: Transforming children’s learning across the curriculum

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IICT in Primary Education: CT in Primary Education is undergoing a massive change this year. Anyone not feeling confident about the changes, may enjoy doing this free course: “Teachers and policymakers working in all sectors of education now recognise the importance and value of technology for learning and teaching. The Institute of Education, University of London (IOE) and the UNESCO Institute for IT in Education (IITE) are collaborating to run a professional development course for teachers, headteachers and policymakers working in the Primary Education sector.”  It is a  MOOC  (Massive, online, open course), free to take part in and may be very useful for new teachers or those lacking confidence in technology.

The course is part of IITE’s role to support and promote an active community of practitioners and policymakers in the use of digital technologies for learning and teaching.

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Course Syllabus

  • The 21st Century Primary School
  • How does ICT make a difference?
  • Pedagogical changes achievable through ICT
  • Technology opportunities
  • How to overcome the challenges of ICT in primary education
  • Making ICT work

Learning Outcomes

The intended learning outcomes are:

  1. The primary school teaching community to be able to contribute to the integration of a range of effective ICT-based practices and pedagogies.
  2. School leaders to be able to develop, improve, and share the strategies and mechanisms that optimise the development of ICT-based teaching and learning in their school.
  3. Policymakers and schools-related stakeholders, agencies and companies to be able to support head teachers and specialist staff in developing pedagogy-led and problem-led uses of ICT.