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An ice cream cone

Cross curricular links for Ice Cream

History of Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Ice Cream poems

Ice cream – a poem

Ice Cream nutrition

Ice cream topic books

Ice cream facts

Ice cream activities

Ice cream sundae – maths game

Ice Cream it’s in the bag – make your own without a freezer

Reading comprehension

Ice Cream maths conundrum

Solids and liquids science

Keeping food chilled with an insulated ‘cool box’ using the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Have you ever baked ice cream?

Loads of ice cream parlour poster

History of Ben and Jerry’s;jsessionid=852228C3B04FC034DCAA5A1380F9FA19.bnj1_worker

 Problem Solving – double scoop ice cream

 Play writing for KS2

 Ice Cream on the Victorian Canals