UK Hour of Code March 3 – 9

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UKHourOfCode_260x196Further to our recent post about the UK Hour of Code, from September coding will be a huge part of the ICT curriculum and all primary teachers will be expected to teach it at the appropriate level. By means of an introduction there is a huge push to engage everyone with the UK Hour of Code during the week 3 – 9 March 2014.  It is hoped that all primary school children and teachers will join in for just one hour during that week.

The UK Hour of Code is designed to teach everyone the basics of computer programming in just 6o minutes, it is an opportunity not to be missed. It sounds like it will be great fun for teachers and pupils alike.  For older pupils, starting coding early will mean that they are able to create apps and games for the computer before they leave school. This ability could greatly enhance the job prospects for many!

There are lots of resources and teacher training videos which will be shared that week – worth watching out for!