Hot and Cold Deserts

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Hot and Cold DesertsBoth hot and cold deserts, are known as deserts because they get less than about 10 inches of rainfall during a year. Deserts cover up to a fifth of the surface of the world! Here is a set of useful websites that will help when studying desert geography in the classroom.

Easy Science for kids – offers a video, desert vocabulary and more easy facts. There is also a quiz and a downloadable worksheet on offer here. Beware the adverts and sponsored links; but if you can cope with those, it is a useful site.

World Deserts – this site, from Ducksters, provides an interesting start to learning about deserts; it covers both hot and cold deserts – polar and non-polar for a more geographical description – and introduces the world’s largest deserts.

Ducksters – this site also make lots of other desert information available , including information about plants, animals and the food chain.

Fun Desert Facts – from ScienceKids offers interesting facts which may give learners an idea of a desert topic to research.

World Biomes – has some great information about deserts; however, there is more reading there and therefore, it is not suitable for younger pupils who are still learning to read.

NeiK12 – has a very good set of desert videos, all short, ranging from one minute 30 seconds to five minutes 30 seconds covering cacti, animals, various deserts, and more. There are also quizzes, games, a jigsaw puzzle and a desert naming game.

The BBC – has some great videos of deserts and desert animals

 Primary Resources offers this PowerPoint presentation on deserts it is a nice introduction but unfortunately it needs correcting before anyone uses it as there are several errors in it!

Skyenimals – has a nice set of photos of desert animals with key facts about them.

An2a-Borrego – has an interesting set of images and facts about desert plants.

Hot and Cold Deserts