Hopscotch Update

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Hopscotch updateHopscotch, the game-making and programming app for the iPad, has been written about previously but now there is a new Hopscotch update release. The new additions are worth looking at; they are:

  • A sound event, giving you the ability to make your projects more interactive–TIP: try it with a clap! (script event dropdown: “When I hear a loud sound”);
  • The ability to change the speed and opacity of different characters. Now you can make your objects disappear with Speed Spiral Opacity;
  • The random operator takes parameters (including negative numbers) and also works with colours – try making random art using random colours!
  • Collision detection! Now programs can detect when an object touches another object or the “wall” (edge of screen);
  • Set rotation and set position – now you have more control on the position and directionality of your objects and their motion;
  • Set text, so we have “change costume” for character objects, and you can change the text of a text object based on an event.


For more information view the the Hopscotch Blog. Various projects created by children are shown here – they need Hopscotch to be open in order to view but they are an example of what can be done. Feedback and completed projects are invited; so if you are using it, be sure to contact the company about any observations or queries, or simply to share your work – it is all appreciated.