Hopscotch 2 App is available now

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hopscotch2Hopscotch 2 App is available now. Having reviewed Hopscotch previously on this blog, I am pleased to announce that Hopscotch 2 is now available for download. The updated app gives a whole new look and feel to the children’s coding program for the iPad,  The new version will help beginners get started with programming easier and faster.

Changes to version 2

  • You can now edit your characters directly on the stage. They’ll start out as pencil-sketch drawings in edit mode, and they’ll come to life as full-color animations when you play your project.
  • Abilities! You can now build your own blocks and save them for later use, or use them with other objects in your project.
  • The company had some fun pre-made abilities for you to try when you first open Hopscotch, like “Break Dance” and “Act Like A Balloon.
  • Preview! So you can see how each code block is affecting your character in real time. This helps debug your code and make sure it’s working as you intended.

Computing Transition Guide

There is also a very useful Computing Transition Guide, specifically to help teachers getting to grips with the new Computing Curriculum, using Hopscotch.

Ready to try Hopscotch 2 out? Download Hopscotch 2.0!